We are a strategic media and communications firm, working towards a more equitable world where communities have the agency to create sustainable change and the bridges needed to build deeper connection between them.


Marketing & Public Relations

Advertising, Campaign Development & Implementation, Content Strategy, Event Planning, Press Outreach, Research, Social Media, Writing

Design Services

Branding, Graphic Design, Front-end Web Development

Capacity building and sustainable organizational consulting

Group Training, Facilitation, Leadership Coaching, Culture and Team Building, Somatic Practice, Mindfulness

Custom collaborations upon request!

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Samara Collective is a worker-cooperative that partners with values-based organizations to develop long-term creative pathways to progress using strategic communications and capacity building. 100% of Samara Collective members identify as women, 50% are people of color, and a majority identify as queer.

Our Story

Building power begins by creating spaces where people can bring their whole selves to the work that they do and by giving voice to those stories.

Samara’s story began in early 2018 when our four founding members sat down to get to know one another. Before getting down to business, we spent months dreaming – sharing our personal, professional and political experiences and aspirations. We discovered our common desire to align our visions for the future with our work in deeper ways. We gathered advice, resources, and encouragement from our community, and Samara Collective was born.

Now we are in the business of building agency, through design, marketing, advertising and training for values-based organizations and people, who have a story to tell.

A “samara” is a winged seed. It flies from where it grows out into the world to plant new seeds, echoing our mission and vision as a collective.

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