Meet Samara Co-Owner, Ada!

Meet Ada Runge (she/they)

Our resident data analyst and communications tactics expert at Samara Collective.

Ada oversees Samara’s shared media and paid ads across clients and offers critical insights as our data analyst to track impact on behalf of our clients.

Why Samara Collective?

Intrigued by the concept of being a worker-owner, Ada saw an opportunity not just for a job but for the direction of her career and a voice in the workplace.

Samara was a call to continue their passion for movement work, to engage in a role that constantly evolves, challenging her with new content and skills. It was about being part of a cooperative, having autonomy, and contributing to a collective that values every individual. It’s the people of Samara and the progressive campaigns that we implement that keep Ada anchored. Diverse challenges from client to client ensure their days are filled with learning, growth, and the satisfaction of meaningful work.

Ada thrives in the dynamic world of paid and organic media, from development and implementation to execution and closing. Her data analysis and reporting expertise shines, turning numbers into narratives that drive our client’s campaigns forward.

Want to learn more? Discuss how Samara can help drive your next campaign with data-informed decision-making.

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